Gladius Caesar

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Category "Professional"

Model n° 11111SW03L


Total length: 380 mm

Blade length: 245 mm

Handle length: 135 mm

Maximum blade width: 50 mm

Spine thickness: 2.4 mm

Weight: 272 grams

About Gladius Caesar

The knife was called Caesar, because it draws inspiration from the history of the Roman empire, this knife like the great Roman Emperor and Consul "Gaius Iulius Caesar", it ranks at the top of our range of kitchen knives.

We define Cesar as the "emperor" of our knives as well " Iulius Caesar" was the greatest and most influential man and emperor in ancient Rome, so our Caesar, in our opinion, will become the largest and most useful Knife in the hands of the Great International Chefs.

Functional purpose

Caesar is a Large Chef Knife, designed for professional chefs  and semi professional people that love work in kitchen, and in general  for all professionals in the sector, who love to have a multifunctional and at the same time highly technical Tool.

Morphology and Appearance

Caesar is a knife that does not go unnoticed, for 2 Main " aesthetic " motivations, the  first one is  " generous dimensions"  and the second one is the " sinuous line ".

It was created to facilitate daily work in the kitchen.

From a strictly aesthetic point of view and if we wanted to look for a similarity with Modern Architecture, the shapes of our knife vaguely remember the shapes of the architectural structures of the Great Iranian Architect Zaha Hadid.


The advantages are obvious, its length allows you to cut multiple vegetables, fish or meat in the same unit of time.

Optimizing work in the kitchen and simplifying daily work.

Caesar is not the classic chef's knife, it is much more, a multifunctional and versatile tool that is capable of shredding, cutting, slicing.

All this saves time and extends its application to different uses.

The perfect balance of the knife and the perfect  balance between the parts, reduces fatigue and stress in long work sessions.

This perfect balance helps significantly, the shoulder joint " scapolo omerale" , all the bones of the arm: radius, humerus, ulna, including the biceps and triceps muscles.

Scientific tests in our Italian and Russian laboratories have shown that, on a sample of 10 different professional knives, subjected to the same work, in the same unit of time, working with Gladius Caesar, gives less stress to the arm and wrist articulation .

Working properly, less tired.

The peculiar characteristics of the knife  allow to implement most of the cutting methods and techniques. The design and the functional balance, allows you to challenge the law of gravity, significantly reducing, the friction of the air that cuts through the blade.

The handle design is made in such a way that, with any cutting technique, the knuckles of the hand do not touch the chopping board below.

The handle is ergonomic and comfortable, for any type of grip, the operator's hand adheres totally to the handle, as if it were a glove, which allows you to maintain total control of the cutting process and in any situation.

The ergonomic design of the handle avoids callous formations in different points of the hand, safeguarding the integrity of the limb in total motion.

The blade is made of a type of composite steel, made up of three layers of laminate, where the central core is made of hardened stainless steel, ACUTO 440 with Rockwell hardness index equal to the HRC 58-59 value, which guarantees a sharpening that lasts over time, while the 2 side plates are made of AISI304 stainless steel for food use, which meets the strictest hygiene requirements.

This type of steel, multifunctional, lends itself to being easily ground and

with any tool. The peculiar properties of this 3-layer laminate gives the knife a great and long-lasting elasticity, the blade curves but does not break.

Scientific tests in our laboratories have shown that the blade of the knife, subjected to constant stress, can be bent up to 60/90 degrees, obviously this is not an irreversible process, the blade returns to its original shape if subjected to a force equal and constant.

The ergonomic handle is made of a material called G10, resistant to thermal, mechanical and chemical stress. A material that has no thermal expansion, resistant to repeated washing in the dishwasher, and an inert antibacterial material, which guarantees total sterilization.