Gladius Design finally arrives in Russia

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News coming for all lovers and professionals of Chef's knives!

Gladius Design finally arrives in Russia!

From February 2020, 4 new models of Professional Chef Knives will be marketed and sold in Russia, an international project that starts from Italy and arrives transversally in Russia and Israele.

A team of Chefs, Engineers and Designers have decided to give life and a new product, an innovative and reliable product, entirely designed  by hand, unique on the international market. The knives, even if defining them as such is a "diminutio", they are the result of a great and persistent research in the field, an analytical and geometric study that has sanctioned  the right and actual angles and inclinations for a facilitated, effective and lasting work.

The 4 new models will be produced and marketed by the Italian brand Gladius Design.

The knives draw clear inspiration from the Great Roman History and the extraordinary Conquests of the great Gladiators of the past. We have looked to the past to improve our present. The past Great Tradition could not be lost or forgotten.

The knives are 4 and are divided by length and utility

What is the "Unicité " of the new offer on the market and what is the characteristic of the product?

The main feature is great versatility and great reliability.

We want to be versatile and reliable.

Versatile because each knife (even if defining them as knives is almost "reductive") is able to guarantee multiple use, creating a perfect synthesis between the classic concept of single function knife and the new concept, the concept in which we believe, the knife must be able to do different tasks, work, it must be multifunctional. Reliability because it must be a faithful friend and at the same time a useful tool to help and facilitate the work of our dear Chef friends!

Our little Gladiators are an extraordinary example of balance between the parts, there is a perfect balance between the blade and the handle, for this reason they are particularly practical and easy to be used every day. Intrinsic qualities such as practicality, manageability, ease of cutting and resistance are the result of long and persistent laboratory work, as well as the structural combination of two types of steel: ACUTO440 and AISI304.

This result was achieved by using a three-layer steel laminate for the blade, in which the core consists of a 0.8 mm thick ACUTO440 steel plate with a hardness of 58-59 HRC, which offers stability and precision in the cut.

 The use of non-traditional AISI304 steel in the production of knives, considered a "food grade stainless steel", has provided the knives with flexibility and resistance, hygiene and high resistance in stressful and working conditions.

Mechanical tests in our laboratories in Italy and Russia have shown that the knives have a great elasticity, even if the knife is folded 60 degrees in the center of the blade, the knife does not break. It flexes but does not break! It is also necessary and important to stress that the handles are ergonomic and easy to use on a daily basis. They have the same ergonomics and the same dimensions in all 4 models. A Chef who will use the 4 knives will not feel the difference in the handle when he switches from one to the other.

This was designed to facilitate daily usability, which is why we define ourselves as versatile and functional. The handle design, ergonomic and functional, has a slight upward curve that adapts to the palm of the hand, as if it were a glove or a perfect extension of the arm, it follows that the handle is easy and comfortable for all methods of use. The material that constitutes the handle is a G10, a special resin layered with glass fibers, which offers excellent physical-chemical qualities and great mechanical / thermal resistance. Our handles are totally free of absorption of much harder and more resistant especially for contact with fire.

In a promotional way and in compliance with market needs, from February to April of the current year, the prices of the knives will be purely Fantasy prices, they will have low costs and will in any case not exceed about 4500 Rubles each.